Joe Eid is an innovative singer/rapper based out of Dayton, Ohio. He’s hard at work making his name known from east to west. As a jack of all trades, he doesn’t just rap and sing, he’s also a songwriter and can even produce his own music. But, due to time restrictions, he leaves the engineering to other people. His rap style is both versatile and easily accessible. He has the ability to spit on many different styles of beats and can switch flows on the fly. Though versatile, he wants to focus his talents more on storytelling over boom-bap beats, as having intent, and expressing it evidently is very important to him.

Joe Eid has had to face many obstacles and challenges in his life. Thankfully, the last 5 years have calmed down significantly. Most of his obstacles stem from time management and work/life balance. As he works full time, while also pursuing music full time, he’s found it hard to maintain connections and relationships. This is why 2023 is very important to him, as his mental and physical health along with upkeeping his relationships with family and friends on his ascent in music will take priority.

2023 is a new year and a great opportunity for Joe Eid. He says “I feel like I’m in a place where the infrastructure that I needed to succeed is finally being built around me… production teams, Digital marketing teams, management, events, recording, clothing. Everything in 2023 is finally being put together so I can lay down my foundation block by block without worrying about it cracking or getting unstable.” He’s released about 50 songs altogether including singles, EPs, and albums. Pre-2023 he’s been putting out music to really test where he fits in the Ohio hip-hop scene, but preparations are finished, and he’s ready to be on the attack. He plans to start releasing with more intention and with a proper team behind him, he’ll have the wherewithal to focus on being an artist.

After the next five years, Joe Eid sees himself successful, point-blank period. Success for Eid can come in many forms, whether it’s a breakthrough son or a promotion at work, he’s going to strive toward success, taking as many diverse paths as possible. As for the now, he enjoys finishing a song the most as an artist. The process of making something from scratch and transforming it into something incredible makes him very happy. To keep that process going, Joe Eid is currently independent, with plans to use his LLC to create his own labor in the future.

Joe Eid’s most recent release “Senses” is a track that Eid is very excited about. It has been released on all platforms and has recently dropped a music video on YouTube. The song will be part of his upcoming album ‘Internal Barricade’ which he says is his best work yet and will be coming to all platforms soon. As an “Average Joe,” Joe Eid endeavors to get his listeners to feel and relate to his music. Whether they come from California, Ohio, or anywhere else. His music communicates struggles with fake people, but that you should also enjoy the little things life offers as well.

Social Sites:

Instagram: joe_eid/

YouTube: Joe_Eid

Check out the “Senses” music video out now on YouTube:

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