Coined by his long-time friend and fellow artist glokboi3k the name Uno Jones was created and it has stuck ever since. He is a very motivated individual with high energy, occasionally putting that into raging. This high energy also plays part into his musical inspiration, taking pieces of Atlanta’s unique sound. He described this style saying “It’s a real vibe, and a real energy that can be very influential.” Therefore, Uno Jones delivers a versatile range among rapping and singing, trying out different melodies and tunes.

Uno Jones primarily writes, but has also collaborated with several producers including Sologoinbrazy and Daniel Few, as well as engineers, including Money Making Mitch and GIFTEDMIXEDIT. Making a lot of connections is an important aspect when it comes to being an independent artist.

After growing up in Stone Mountain, Georgia, he has moved onto bigger things in the busy city of Atlanta, Georgia. Currently, he is developing his brand and fan base working both alone as well as with other musicians and a well-known DJ. The rising star has been working in the music industry since 2020, when he signed a management agreement, but he discusses writing music ever since he was seven years old. Thus far in his career, Jones describes some of his current career-highlights as being an opener for Asian Doll and Papperlovvve. However, Jones is hungry for more.

Further down the line, Uno Jones wants to perform internationally, learn how to produce music, and eventually win a Grammy. He says that although making beats is important, rapping comes first for him. So, the writing process is his overall favorite part about being an artist; He thoughtfully answered, “I enjoy the writing part because it allows me to temporarily forget about the outside world and simply exist in my own vibrational realm.” He puts those vibrations into each track asking fans to really pay attention to what he has to say. Encouraging people to keep moving forward and provide encouragement when they face challenges is his ultimate goal when creating music.

Uno Jones also describes one of his biggest motivations as being his family. “The most important drivers of motivation are family and the desire to see change. I do want to position myself as someone they can look up to and consult for advice because I’m the elder brother…and I want to be there mentally, emotionally, and financially for them.” In addition, becoming a leader in his community is something Jones values. He plans on feeding a family and providing plates this Thanksgiving as a way to give back to the community.

While the road for him has overall been smooth, he emphasizes how every profession takes hard work and overcoming challenges. One obstacle he has had to face has been becoming more comfortable on camera. As time goes on, Jones simply hopes to see his long-term struggles materialize into greatness.

When it comes to advice about the music industry, the Atlanta-rapper says he wish he knew more about sync license agreements and the potential influence they could have on your career. As for a more personal message, Uno Jones gives the advice “always keep moving forward” which comes from what his grandad always told him, further showcasing his focus on family.

As of right now, Uno Jones is working on a four-song tape with an artist he has known for a long time, as well as a producer by the name of Zoowe. He is currently pushing and promoting his two singles “Molly Party (Birthday Song),” and “Glock 19.”

Moving into 2023, Jones hopes to further build his brand by attending and performing at festivals, as well as secure features with well-known artists. Some dream collaborations include Playboi Carti, Young Nudy, Yung Mal, and Kodie Shane.

As a final message, Uno Jones tells fans to expect the unexpected from him over the next few months.

Check out Uno Jones social’s below!

Instagram : @Uno_jones 

YouTube : @unojones

Twitter: @UnoJones1

Tik Tok: @unojonesontop

SoundCloud : / Uno Jones

Spotify: open.spotify.com › artistUno Jones Apple Music:


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