The Super Bowl is right around the corner! Besides the game, the commercials can be even more entertaining. Sunday February 12th the 2023 SuperBowl will be airing! It has been announced that Cardi B and Offset will be appearing in a McDonald’s commercial the day of the Super Bowl. Sources say that it will be Valentine’s Day themed. Fans and viewers may remember her commercials in the 2019 Super Bowl with Pepsi that did extremely well. This was also when she used her popular catchphrase “Okurrrr” where she also appeared with Steve Carell and Lil Jon

Cardi B and Offset are remaining up in a brand new commercial that was filmed during Christmas time with a small crew even though they were all told it would be a huge final project loved by everyone on game day!

Since the commercial is Valentine’s Day themed, we can expect a ton of lovey dovey energy from the happy couple. Fans were also curious if they’re kids would be featured in the commercial, however they will not be shown. Overall the hype is off the charts and fans are eager to see the commercial and the two of them together on game day! Make sure to tune into the 2023 Super Bowl on February 12th and don’t miss Cardi B and Offset Valentine’s day commercials.

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