Skii Mask Lux XO describes his genre as“A Romantic Car Crash”. He gets his name from “being an undiscovered talent that has the luxury of being able to do different and diverse songs”. Currently located in Brooklyn NY he mentions he moved around from there and Atlanta Georgia. Skii Mask Lux XO is eager to show off his talents to the world!

Having been in the industry for only two years he has put out many projects. Skii Mask Lux XO has released eight singles so far, some are called, “Shak’n”, “Skii’s Revenge”, “With You”, “Don’t Like Me”, “Tell Me” “My Demon”, and album back in 202 called “All Smoke”. He says he cannot pick a favorite song of his but  if he had to choose it would be “Demon Juice”. He loves how diverse and the different sounds he created on this single . “It was a wild experience”.

Right now he has been enjoying making music and hopes to start performing in the future. He feels that once he’s confident where he is in his music career he can expand himself and his sound. He has his own label called Da Frat Hxouse LLC and has been working with different artists such as IamSonCie and StarrBux. A highlight of his career so far was his first performance at a strip club, where they bought out all the money from the club and got to enjoy the night with his favorite people. 

Skii Mask Lux XO describes his image as not a typical rapper and more rebellious. He says his sound is a mix between hiphop, rock, r&b, edm and IMO. he feels as if different songs bring out different sides to him which he really enjoys. He has always loved R&b, even at a young age exploring new songs and different genres. 

A majority of his musical inspiration comes from many different artists he’s been fans of such as Big L, Ludacris and Avant. If he could choose one artist to collaborate with it would be The Weeknd. Skii Mask Lux XO writes all of his own music and uses beats and inspiration from other incredible artists. 

In the upcoming year he hopes to keep expanding on his music. He wants to get more music videos out there because even though he likes living in the shadows, no one will see him. So he is in the process of becoming more confident in the spotlight and putting himself out there more! He has a lot of love from his fans and cannot wait for more supporters in the future. 

When he is not in the studio he enjoys throwing house parties, bowling, watching movies and traveling to different countries.  Skii Mask Lux XO lives by the quote, “Love the people that love you. Stack your money and stay low-key”. He loves the freedom of creating music and getting to work with great people. He says people should listen to his music because he brings something different to the table. He presents himself as a real and raw human being always going against the grain of life. 

He would like to announce he will be releasing new songs in the next year with other collaborations with amazing artists and producers. Skii Mask Lux XO’s last message to listeners is, “Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do something that you love because if you do then you might as well throw your dreams away”.
Check out Skii Mask Lux XO on all music platforms and follow him on instagram @skimaskluxxo for more upcoming announcements and updates!!

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