The world needs more love in it and it starts with Bruno Love. Born and raised in California Bruno Love has been in the music industry for about five years now. He has been releasing music on SoundCloud since 2012. Once he knew music was going to be his entire life, he realized that it was now or never to take this seriously. In the past, the news struggled with depression and anxiety. Music was the one thing that he was able to use to cope. “Every day is an obstacle, but there’s nothing we can’t do if we BELIEVE. We are capable of overcoming any obstacle”. 

Some of his musical inspiration comes from his mom. He was also bumpin all the oldies and the r&b soul jams. In the next few years, Bruno hopes to be able to financially support himself and his family as well as enjoying the creative freedom of making music for people to love. His son is also his biggest motivation. One day he would love to work with some incredible artists such as Kendrick, JCole, Drake, and many more. 

Bruno Love writes all of his own music but is also open to collaborations and adjusting things to sound perfect. Currently, he has six singles and five that are now on all streaming platforms. His favorite track at the moment is “Like Dat ”. He loves the freestyle and the fact that it was recorded the same day he got the beats for the track. His latest project will be releasing December 11th with visuals by @nickfi7ms featuring artist @YGdipp called “Too Many”.

Bruno is 100% always himself. He hopes people will listen to his music because he is all about promoting positivity and being your true authentic self. Right now Bruno Love has a ton of work waiting to be released, so keep a close eye out for upcoming projects. Go stream all of his tracks out now on all platforms. Make sure to follow him on Instagram to stay updated @bruno.lovekid and all of his visuals on YouTube.

Written By: Sam Stobler

Instagram: brunolove626

YouTube: brunolove626

TikTok: brunolovekid

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